Naming Ceremony

This is a very special time in lots of people’s lives. This is about people being on a journey.

The Ceremony

It can be a baby naming, this can take place in front of family and friends and will show people how well you are all doing, giving the baby the knowledge, warmth and love of the people around them.

It is a time full of immense happiness and a certain amount of responsibility about what the future holds and you can also declare the people that you would like to share that journey with your new family.

Different Ceremonies

It could be an adoption ceremony, showing family and friends and the child, how you will offer them support love, wisdom and patience as you grow and develop through your lives together as a new family.

To let people understand that this new person is now a very important part in your future.

But, it doesn’t just have to be children, it can also be Transgender people, who inspire us all, to overcome so many difficulties to become the person they now are, and to celebrate with them and the people that helped them along the way to achieve their dream.

Whatever, change in your journey, the people that helped you get there and the opportunities you have achieved.

It is a time that should bring people together to celebrate in a way that everyone can be part of with you, for now, and in the future.

The Journey of Life

It might even be a divorce ceremony, to change your name , to show everyone you are Ok and this is who you now are, and who you have become, with your family and friends helping you along the journey of life.


Lets celebrate living life to the full together and acknowledge the occasion whatever that might be, now and in the future.

Naming Ceremony Fees 2021/2022


I would be happy to be part of your special day even on a Bank Holiday or Christmas and we can discuss a price if this is your choice of day. I have a current DBS certificate.


Together we can create a unique experience like no other!

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