Lockdown Babies

Oct 21, 2020 | Namings

I watched Good Morning Britain yesterday, it was really upsetting to hear them talking about babies born under lockdown, who have never known hugs and cuddles from groups of people and how scared these babies are becoming of groups of people as they start to grow.

This really right now is the time to start planning a full on party to show your new baby that the world can be beautiful and a happy place and that people are here to help them in their futures.

If you know someone having a baby or someone who has a beautiful new person please tell them about a baby Naming Ceremony. I truly believe that these are needed now more than ever.

If you are new Grandparents or possible Godparents, show your friends and family you care and want to help with the future of their new born. Parenting isn’t always easy, it carries with it challenges and delights but its comforting to know people are there to help you on your way in life.

Please stay safe and positive.

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