From the beginning of time 2 people have wanted to celebrate the unique relationship between them and still do.

My Services

In many countries it is normal procedure to legally register your marriage at a office and then at a later or earlier stage hold your Wedding ceremony. This is what we are offering in this country like many others now.

We can exchange vows, and rings have music and readings a bespoke day sharing your true love, just for you.

I can be the person to help create your perfect ceremony, to show everyone how much you love and mean to each other.

Wedding Celebrant Service

    Bespoke service for the day of your dreams

As long as we remember what I believe are four very important words in life:

Love, honesty, truth and respect.

The Process

I arrange a first meeting with a chance to chat and get to know each other and to see how I can help you on your special day.

When you pick me, as I am sure you will, I will give you homework to complete, a fact finding sheet to help me understand what you are looking for and expect to get out of your special day.

I will follow this up with another meeting nearer your date, to go over any changes you have made since our first chat.

I come to your venue to a rehearsal if this is possible the day before, this is so that at your venue everyone knows their role and place on the big day.

I arrive early on your wedding day , to help steady any nerves and make sure everything is perfectly placed.

Working with me

If you choose me, I will always be available for any chats you might want as we get closer to your big day.

I will always be there as the voice of reason in a sea of “maybe” or “what about this and what about that” that may come your way.

I would also be happy to come and check out a venue with you to see if it is the perfect place and styles for us to work in together if you wanted my services to help with this.

Just for You

No two couples are the same and no two weddings are the same, so lets get started at something amazing just for you!

A day to remember

Anything to make your special day go with out a hitch.

I also have a list of venues that I use depending on the style of day you are looking for, inside, outside, Holiday time, you name it together we can find it.

Wedding Ceremony Fees 

Packages starting from £525 to £725, please contact me for more details!

2022 to 2024 now booking

I would be happy to be part of your special day even on a Bank Holiday or Christmas and we can discuss a price if this is your choice of day.


Together we can create a unique experience like no other!

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